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Foldable Footbike KOSTKA TOUR MAX FOLD (G5)

Foldable Footbike KOSTKA TOUR MAX FOLD (G5)

Folding footbike with inflatable wheels

  • Price: 653 € incl. VAT

Availability: 3 days

You will be excited to ride this footbike because it gives you all, whether while riding fast or slow. The model KOSTKA TOUR FOLD, which is considered to be a large footbike, can reach anything in the whole world. You can fold this footbike 26"/20" within 30 seconds and load it easily to your car and then drive to more or less faraway destinations. All this is allowed by the folding system FOLD and SPIN in combination with the rear brake jaw disengagement BREAK OFF.

You will fully enjoy your trips with the footbike KOSTKA TOUR FOLD. The perfect driveability is enabled especially by the frame design - we did our best when we were developing it. When you push really hard, you will get to experience the smooth and extremely fast speed - thanks to the hub Kostka HK 6524 RS. The perfect tires Schwalbe Marathon Racer, covering the high-quality double-walled rims, allow you a comfy ride and holding the line easily, even at high speed.

Because this folding footbike with large wheels is really fast, we equipped it with the efficient brakes Shimano 4000, which allows you to stop on a spot instantly.

We wanted to prolong the lifespan of the footbike frame, so we equipped the lower side of the deck with special welding and a stiffener. These elements take the most of the collisions with terrain and thus protect the frame itself from deterioration. And it makes it tougher, too.

The model KOSTKA TOUR FOLD is one of the folding adult footbikes that fits well both for asphalt roads and terrain paths. This footbike will be your buddy on both short and long trips and moves the footbiking to the next level - you surely will get to like it and you never leave it!

By use: For adults, Folding, City
Wheel size: 26/20

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