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We send all of our products worldwide.

Outside of EU you have 21% VAT disscount.

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You can also try jumping stilts by yourself. Just visit Prague poweriser rental.

Check out our products:

  • Kangoo Jumps

    Kangoo Jumps were originaly designed for professional athletes after injury. Kangoo Jumps have ability to absorb 80% od impact. Therefore you can sport healthier than ever. Kangoo Jumps are perfect not only for injured athletes, but also for anybody, who need to save his joints, or just want to have some fun.

  • POGO sticks

    Enjoy the fun of jumping on POGO stick. We offer you both basic pogo sticks for kids and professional pneumatic pogos.

  • Slackline set

    This is not just walking a tightrope. This is a challenge and lifestyle.
    Draw up a slackline between two trees in the park and start training tomorrow ...

  • Jumping stilts

    Jumping stilts are cool items, you deffinitely should have. You can jump up to 2 meters high, or run up to 40 Km/h. Jumping stilts are great and funny way to enhance your coordinaion and excercise whole body.

    We offer only high-quality jumping stilts of well known brands.

  • Sled Dogs SnowSkates

    Sled Dogs are perfect for Skaters and hockey players. Enjoy the freedom of snow skates on the slope.

    Don't carry heavy ski...

  • Scooters

    Try our hand-made scooters once and you will newer want any other. Mibo scooters are famous worldwide.

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Belgium, Denmark (not possible to the Faroe Islands (ZIP 38xx) and Greenland (39xx)), Estonia, France, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain


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