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SBS FORZA BALANCE bracelets contain two unique holograms, which is in contact with elektromagnetiským field man adjusts its frequency to the frequency of 7.83 Hz beneficial. Speicální hologram can harmonize our field. This phenomenon takes effect immediately after the deployment of balance bracelet, and the effects are very obvious. Immediately after putting the bracelet will increase your stability, flexibility, and with the right distribution of energy will effectively use the entire musculoskeletal system.

How bracelets SBS FORZA BALANCE operate and how they are beneficial?

1957 appeared WO Schuman frequency spectrum, which is located in between the Earth and the ionosphere (Schumann resonance). Initial measurements assumed that this is a frequency with a fixed frequency of 7.8 Hz. Recent measurements indicate that the frequency increases.
For generations, mankind is tied to the "heartbeat" of the planet, and that affects the overall harmony of the body, including healthy sleep, psychological well-being and physical performance. The frequency of 7.8 Hz is the same as the so-called. Alpha frequencies, which are in a sleep during meditation or deep relaxation. Alpha frequencies is also a very important factor in samouzdravování and regeneration of the body. It is therefore clear that human health is closely linked to the geophysical parameters of our planet and increasing Schuman Resonance significantly adversely affects the quality of our lives.

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