Tomsen Snow Skates (mini skis)

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The Tomsen Snowskates brand offers 3 models to choose from.

BTS 5 is a basic model, offering a slower platform and universal integrity XS, S, M, L. It is designed for occasional riders, beginners, but also children whose leg is still growing. The skates will last them for at least 2 seasons. Due to its universal size, the Tomsen BTS5 is also a clear choice for ski rentals.

MD 20 is the golden mean, offering the best value for money. Compared to the BTS, it offers greater comfort, thanks to its specific size and stronger plastics for more precise control at higher speeds.

KF 35 is a clear choice for riders who don't compromise. The fastest base, the lowest weight, plastics of racing stiffness and damping material under the heel. Just topka ... ⛸️ == & gt; ❄️


What makes snow skates better than the competition?

  • Compared to the predecessors Sled Dogs Snow Skates and ODR, they have an optimized shape of the front and rear arch of the base, so they get less stuck when driving into deep snow.
  • For all models, the buckles are oriented so that they cannot be unzipped or destroyed on the piste even when falling and tilting sharply.
  • Tomsen has made a significant weight jump compared to Sled Dogs and ODR, which increases user comfort.
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