Aerower bouncing boots

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So we got here and finally we bring you a better European alternative to the popular kangaroo shoes Kangoo Jumps. The Spanish brand Aerower offers many advantages:

  • More accurate jumper weight selection
  • More comfortable inner boot
  • Longer life

Open in YouTube and turn on the subtitles:

What are Aerower kangaroo shoes good for?

  • With mild instability, you strengthen the center of your body just by walking and burn calories faster
  • Shock absorbing on the run by up to 80%, making them suitable for rehabilitation for injured athletes, but also for overweight people < / li>
  • You can run on asphalt and grass on kangaroo boots
  • Work out Kangoorobics, Jumple, or Kangoo Jumping at home in front of the TV , or at one of the progressive fitness centers ... >

For jumpers from 20 to 220 Kg

Aerower kangaroo shoes, unlike older Kangoo Jumps, offer one model for all weight and performance categories. They can afford it thanks to a more sophisticated jumper weight adjustment system.

Choose your shoe size exactly, then choose your weight and we will send you a combination of shoes with springs exactly according to your needs.

Jumping is fun for young children, both men and women.

Kids just have fun outside with friends, men go jogging and out there more often, and women often prefer jumping in the gym. or according to YouTube.

Solves knee pain while running

Do you feel knee pain when running downhill, uphill, or just hurting from the outside / inside? Then definitely try Aerower kangaroo shoes, which absorb shocks by up to 80%. These spring-loaded shoes can solve the knee pain caused by loose ligaments.

Kangaroo boots were originally developed for injured athletes so that they could participate in training earlier as part of rehabilitation. So it's no wonder that many of our customers who have knee pains while running have been able to return to regular painless running thanks to Aerower and Kangoo Jumps ...

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