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For Winter

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Try our SnowSkates and enjoy infinite freedom on the slopes...


  • Dual Snowboard

    You can jump the same variety of tricks, like on a standard...


    Availability: On stock

    • 240 € incl. VAT
  • Kluzky Standard

    Klu-Ski universal size that make comfortably go down a snow covered...

    Availability: On stock

    • 37,90 € incl. VAT
  • Kluzky Special

    Slippery with snowboard materials and improved design.

    Availability: unknown - SELECT ANOTHER VARIANT

    • 51,90 € incl. VAT
  • Children's first skates

    Slides - children's first skate with two knives for maximum stability.

    Availability: On stock

    • 19,99 € incl. VAT
  • Doggie Walkers

    Protective covers protecting the running surface when walking out...

    Availability: On stock

    • 48 € incl. VAT
  • Fuse Snow 4x4

    Set to replace any wheels skateboard or longboard skis. Pit on a...


    Availability: On stock

    • 57 € incl. VAT
  • Professional bindings Poweriser

    Bindings are made of high quality material, buckles made of solid...

    Availability: 3 days

    • 44 € incl. VAT
  • Binding strip

    Ladder strap for snowboard bindings, or jumping shoes.

    Availability: 3 days

    • 10 € incl. VAT
  • Poweriser Flow binding

    Very comfortable snowboard type bindings, whose pressure is evenly...

    Availability: Sold out - SELECT ANOTHER VARIANT

    • 59 € incl. VAT

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