Demo Sled Dogs sale


Demo Sled Dogs sale

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With a heavy heart we say goodbye to our demo Sled Dogs Snowskates. They are in good condition and you can buy them for even grater price! Read more

Manufacturer: Sled Dogs

206 € incl. VAT

Have you found a better price?


Interested in second-hand skates? Choose a specific pair here , or email us at . We'll get back to you as soon as we can find a couple for you :-)

PRICE DEPENDS ON THE MODEL AND ITS STATUS. The price of 3000 CZK is for a lot of used Haldena.

Some weekends will meet in our online rental more customers with the same foot size and we have to unpack new pairs. As we do not have an inflatable warehouse, we sell out second-hand skates on an ongoing basis.

As you can see in the photo, there is no shortage of any scratches. Especially due to transport. But all shoes are 100% functional and you will definitely have a lot of fun with them.

As a rule, scratches look worse in photos than in real life and are not deep. After waxing, the bases will be almost like new.

In the future, it's no problem to buy any spare part or even a whole new tread.

See below for an overview of pairs and their sizes. Follow the instructions to choose the right size.


  • TOP CONDITION : Skates with small scratches, equivalent to 1-2 days of use
  • TOOL : They may have more surface scratches. but none is deep and will not affect the speed of the tread
  • MUCH TIMES : These skates sometimes have a deeper scratch on the skis. The service center will renovate the base for a few crowns, but if you are not going to the races, there is no need to solve it. The skates are 100% functional, they just aren't suitable as a gift :-)


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