Demo Sled Dogs sale


Demo Sled Dogs sale

Availability: Sklad

With a heavy heart we say goodbye to our demo Sled Dogs Snowskates. They are in good condition and you can buy them for even grater price! Read more

Manufacturer: Sled Dogs

206 € incl. VAT

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You can also find second-hand Sled Dogs in this facebook group. All you have to do is make comment under the picture ;-)

The Sled Dogs Snowskates you can see on pictures we used for our rental and for demo purposes. They are in a great condition and you can have a lot of fun with them!

As you can see, some of the snowskates are a bit scratched but the scratches usually look worse on the picture than in real life, however they are not deep and it's nothing a good wax could not deal with. In the future it is also possible to replace the bases.

All the snowskates are 100 % functional and they will serve you for a long time. 

  • TOP CONDITION: Just a few scratches, corresponding to 1-2 days of using. No deep scratches on the base.
  • USED: More scratches, but mostly just cosmetic ones. No deep scratches on the base.
  • MORE USED: You can find here more scratches and even some deeper scratches on the base. You can ask your ski service to egenerate the base and it is not expensive. This pair might not be suitable as a gift :-)

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