Aerower Jumper1+


Aerower Jumper1+

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Spanish kangaroo shoes with finely adjustable spring stiffness according to your weight. Run on a dirt road and on asphalt. Work out in the gym or in front of the TV in the comfort of your home ... Read more

Manufacturer: Aerower

184 € incl. VAT

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No more compromises!

  • Choose a comfortable shoe with an accuracy of 2 sizes
  • Choose the stiffness of the springs according to your weight. per 10 kg

Kangaroo shoes Aerower Jump1 + is the latest generation of kangaroo shoes, offering a finer gradation of weight and shoe variants compared to older Kangoo Jumps. But most of all, longer life .

Jumping on Aerower sprung shoes will greatly spread lymph throughout your body and flush out liters of endorphins into your blood :-)

Kangaroo boots were originally developed as an rehabilitation tool for professional athletes, but they quickly gained popularity among ordinary people around the world.

  • Run through nature on an asphalt bike path
  • Practice Kangoorobick / Jumple, or Kangoo Jumping according to YouTube, or in the gym
  • Allow your children
  • to exercise healthily


Exercise on kangaroo Aerower shoes

Record to the beat of the music, burn calories and strengthen problem areas in a fun way. Thanks to 80% shock absorption, the Jumple exercise is also suitable for overweight people and after musculoskeletal operations, who should not perform classic aerobics: