Kangoo Boots Aerower Jumper1+


Kangoo Boots Aerower Jumper1+

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Spanish kangaroo shoes with finely adjustable spring stiffness according to your weight. Run on a dirt road and on asphalt. Work out in the gym or in front of the TV in the comfort of your home ... Read more

Manufacturer: Aerower

184 € incl. VAT

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No more compromises!

  • Choose a comfortable shoe with an accuracy of 2 sizes
  • Choose spring stiffness according to your weight with precision per 10 kg
  • Choose your favorite color

The Aerower Jump1+ kangaroo shoe is the latest generation of kangaroo shoes, offering a finer gradation of weight and shoe sizes compared to the older Kangoo Jumps. But mainly longer life.


JUMPING on cushioned Aerower shoes is great for moving the lymph throughout your body and releasing liters of endorphins into your blood :-)

Kangaroo shoes were originally developed as a rehabilitation aid for professional athletes, but quickly gained popularity among ordinary people throughout the world.

  • Run through nature and on the asphalt cycle path
  • Exercise Kangoorobick/ Jumple, or Kangoo Jumping according to YouTube, or in the gym
  • Enjoy healthy movement to your children
  • as well


Exercise on Aerower kangaroo shoes

Join to the rhythm of the music, burn calories and strengthen problem areas in a fun way. Thanks to 80% shock absorption, the Jumple exercise is also suitable for people who are overweight and after locomotor system operations, who should not do classic aerobics:


Check out more lessons on YouTube

We save nature with minimalist packaging

As we store and transport the suspension system disassembled, we save space in the trucks and produce less space during transport. That's worth the 5 minutes of self-assembly, isn't it? ♻️

Furthermore, thanks to this, you can choose the shoe separately and the stiffness of the suspension system separately. With the competition, you automatically get soft shells for a small shoe and too stiff ones for a large shoe. Aerower will supply you with a custom made kangaroo shoe for you: (TURN ON THE SUBTITLES)

Aerower kangaroo shoe discount for fitness centers

Are you planning Jumple, Kangoo Robika, or Kangoo-Jumping lessons in your gym? We will be happy to support you with a discount on your first purchase, but also on spare parts and advise you on how to get everything started.

You will love the Aerower kangaroo shoe

Kangoo Aerower shoes adapt perfectly to your weight and offer long life (no China).

Healthy movement and lots of joy, that's Aerower...

Jumping on Jumper1 is like being on the moon with lower gravity. Take care of your joints with every jump, but strengthen your core at the same time.

Learning in Aerower kangaroo shoes is easier than walking in heels. Start by hopping from one foot to the other and after a few seconds you'll be running wherever you want.


How to choose kangaroo shoes?

  1. Choose your foot size
  2. Choose your weight
  3. Assemble the shoe and spring system at home and enjoy a fun workout
    • There is no dilemma here, because Aerower will not confuse you by choosing from several models. We will mix and match shoes for you. If your foot is between two sizes, choose the smaller one. It usually fits. If not, there is no problem with the exchange ;-)

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