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Manufacturer: Kostka

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  • 441 € incl. VAT

  • 441 € incl. VAT

  • 441 € incl. VAT

441 € incl. VAT

This model gives children all advantages of the footbike KOSTKA HILL MAX - and the handlebars have been modified to be perfect for all hand sizes. Whether they want to burn the asphalt road, cycleways or they would like to dash over the unpaved roads, the footbike KOSTKA for kids will never disappoint them. It's a perfect both for everyday frolicking fun with friends and for shorter family trips.

This high-quality footbike has a narrowed frame and front fork design, which prevents your leg from touching the footbike and protects your kids from harm. And then the optimized frame design and the optimized front fork make the footbike very easy to control and stable.
But the kids can be very clumsy and sometimes the deck may collide with terrain. But that's no problem at all! We equipped the deck with special welding which protects the footbike against deterioration.

The ride is going to be smooth thanks to the inflatable wheels - equipped with the tires Schwalbe Marathon Racer, stainless wire spokes on double-walled rims Dragon and the hub Kostka HK 6524 RS. The brakes Shimano 4000 will make the ride perfectly safe since they can stop the footbike always in good time.

So if you want to buy your kids a perfect and safe vehicle they can rollick with happily for a whole day, the footbike KOSTKA HILL MAX KID is the right choice.

Moreover, even the adults can ride it (up to 150 kg). So when your kid grows up, you can just replace the handlebars and the brake bowdens and then the footbike can be used by anyone. This footbike grows up with the child together!

By use: For kids, Terrain, City
Wheel size: 20/16

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