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Footbike for children with inflatable wheels, from 4 years of age. Read more

Manufacturer: Kostka

198 € incl. VAT

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KOSTKA STREET FUN KID is a footbike for children from 4 years of age, thanks to which your little kids will enjoy a lot of fun. Frame geometry is specially optimized for small riders and in combination with the same size of both wheels and narrow Hubs KOSTKA HK 6520 RB, you will get perfect, easy handling and excellent stability on this children footbike with brakes. These abilities are even more enhanced by Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires and extended footboard, which is now 300 mm lenght. Childrens footbike KOSTKA STREET FUN KID is very playful and safe at the same time.

This childrens footbike with 16" wheels has height-adjustable handlebars so you can adjust it to the height of your little footbiker.

Childrens footbike KOSTKA STREET FUN KID is avaliable in a few color options, from which you can choose great scooter for boys rascals, but also elegant footbikes for girls.

We will gladly send any Kostka or MIBO scooter worldwide.
You will love our Czech kickbike scooters ;-)


Basic specifications

  • Height 750 - 850 mm
  • Length 1 240 mm
  • Weight 8,6 kg
  • Loading capacity of frame 70 kg
  • Front wheel size 16"
  • Rear wheel size 16"
  • Clearance Height of Footboard 50 mm
  • Footboard Length 300 mm
  • Footboard Height 76 mm
  • Wheelbase 865 mm
  • Handlebar width 500 mm


  • Brakes PROMAX
  • Hubs KOSTKA HK 6520 RB
  • Tires Schwalbe Marathon Racer
  • Rims Single-wall
  • Stem Adjustable
  • Handlebars 500 ST
  • Front fork Rigid 16" - 65 mm
  • Headset HCO - 1"
  • Handlebar Grips Rubber
  • Spokes Stainless steel
  • Tubes Auto
  • Caps Plastic reflex

Wheel specification
Bearings (Hubs) Industrial

By use: For kids, City
Wheel size: 16/16

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