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Footbike for beginners is designed for both adults and teenagers. Read more

Manufacturer: Kostka

242 € incl. VAT

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Getting more for less... In case you are just a footbiking beginner and you don't want to invest too much money in the new vehicle, then the footbike KOSTKA HILL FUN (max. weight 100 Kg) is a perfect choice for you! Just to be clear... This footbike is designed for both adults and teenagers sand although it's a top-notch quality, it's still a bargain. We put maximum effort into the construction of this model in the same way as in case of all other footbikes KOSTKA - that's why its design is well-made. A proud product from our workshops.

And as we mention the quality and sophisticated processing, it is important to note that the handlebars are able to be held in two positions according to the size of the rider, as shown in the picture.

Lower position of handlebars - KOSTKA HILL FUN

The footbike KOSTKA HILL FUN meets all requirements of every beginning footbiker. You will be astonished by its driveability. The general principle is the perfect frame design which allows comfortable and calm riding. You can rely both on the brakes Promax and on the single-chamber rims, covered with the tires Kenda - you will experience a nice ride. In case you intend to transport the footbike e.g. by car, you will appreciate the aluminium hubs with quick release skewers that allow you to quickly dismount the wheels and thus make the footbike smaller.

We assure you that even though the footbike KOSTKA HILL FUN is quite inexpensive, it won't disappoint you! So don't wait any longer and give footbiking a chance! We believe that you will love observing the world from the footbike deck's perspective!

We will gladly send any Kostka or MIBO scooter worldwide.
You will love our Czech kickbike scooters ;-)


Basic specifications

  • Height 960 mm
  • Length 1480 mm
  • Weight 8,8 kg
  • Loading capacity of frame 100 kg
  • Front wheel size 20"
  • Rear wheel size 16"
  • Clearance Height of Footboard 50 mm
  • Footboard Length 420 mm
  • Footboard Height 76 mm
  • Wheelbase 1040 mm


  • Brakes PROMAX
  • Hubs Conical 100 mm
  • Tires Kenda Khan
  • Rims RMX 21
  • Stem KOSTKA SK 2822 S
  • Handlebars KOSTKA FBH 615-160 St
  • Front fork Rigid 20" - 100 mm
  • Headset A-Head
  • Handlebar Grips Rubber
  • Tubes Auto
  • Caps Plastic
By use: For adults, For kids, Terrain, City
Wheel size: 20/16

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