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Koloběžky Perut

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Quality electric scooters from Czech production.

Perut can handle even the longest hill inCzech republic:




  • E-scooter Perut City

    Perut City PR is perfect for the city, but you can take him even to...

    Availability: 7-10 days

    • 971 € incl. VAT
  • Perut Trek Delux

    Czech electric scooter about 1000W, and determined to lighter ground.

    Availability: On stock

    • 1196 € incl. VAT
  • Perut Sport

    Czech electric scooter Squadron offers reduced tread, sporting...

    Availability: On stock

    • 896 € incl. VAT
  • Perut Race

    Česká elektro koloběžka s brutálním výkonem 2000 W a nižší...

    Availability: On stock

    • 1384 € incl. VAT
  • Slow charger 36 V

    Suits for Perut CITY, SPORT

    Availability: 3 days

    • 45 € incl. VAT
  • Fast charger Perut 36 V

    Charger suitable for a variety squadron City, Sport half charge...

    Availability: 3 days

    • 56 € incl. VAT
  • Charger Perut 48V 3 A

    Ideal for Perut TREK, RACE.

    Availability: 3 days

    • 60 € incl. VAT
  • Charger 48V 5A (fast)

    Ideal for Perut TREK, RACE

    Availability: 3 days

    • 99 € incl. VAT
  • Perut seat

    Seat for any Perut scooter

    Availability: 3 days

    • 63 € incl. VAT

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