Range: 30-100 km

Battery: Li-ion 36V, 11 Ah Samsung (range 30-45 km)
Battery: Li-ion 36V, 15 Ah Samsung (range 50-60 km)
Battery: Li-ion 36V, 20 Ah Samsung (range 60-80 km)
Battery: Li-ion 36V, 26 Ah Samsung (range 80-100 km)
Max. Speed: limited to 25 km / h

Capacity: max 120kg

Recharge time: 4-8 hours. (Slow charger) 2.5 - 5 hrs. (Fast Charger)

Number of charging cycles: more than 1000 times

Battery indicator: LED panel on the handlebars

Cruise control: on handlebars

Electric bell: YES

Stand: YES

The rear bracket, fender: YES

MagicPie Motor: 750W (36V)

Brakes: Disc (front and rear)

Front fork: Suspension

Weight: 23 kg

Tires: Rubena

Warranty: 24 months


Height: approx. 113 cm (depending on height and type handlebars) (without the front wheel 89 cm)

width: 21 cm (50-65 cm handlebars on request)

length: 160 cm (without front wheel 130 cm)

To control electric scooters Squadron CITY requires no driving license, as well as a bicycle. It is recommended to use bicycle helmets. Nor is there any legal age restrictions, as well as a bicycle.

Handlebar height can be adjusted according to the wishes of stature.

The charger is pricing separately and can be found in the section: Accessories

Barva: Černá, Bílá, Šedá
Rychlost (km/h): 30
Hmotnost: 12,5
Dojezd (km): 45
Výkon (W): 300

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