Perut Trek Delux

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Czech electric scooter about 1000W, and determined to lighter ground. Read more

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New batteries for the squadron TREK delux. Choose from more variants battery. New Li-ion cells with Samsung.
Longer range per charge: 40-100 km (depending on battery) Extended tread new design. Improved casing in the base.

Model Trek had no problem with the longest hill in the Czech Republic:


Range: 40-100 km


Battery: Li-ion 48V, 13 Ah Samsung (range 35-45 km)
Battery: Li-ion 48V, 15 Ah Samsung (range 50-60 km)
Battery: Li-ion 48V, 17.6 Ah Samsung (range 60-80 km)
Battery: Li-ion 48V, 20 Ah Samsung (range 70-90 km)
Battery: Li-ion 48V, 26 Ah Samsung (range 80-100 km)
Max. speed: 37 km / h
Capacity: max 120kg
Recharge time: 4-8 hours. (Slow charger) 2.5 - 5 hrs. (Fast Charger)
Number of charging cycles: more than 1000 times
Battery indicator: LED panel on the handlebars
Cruise control: Yes, on the handlebars

Electric bell: YES

New Stand: YES

The rear bracket, fender: YES
Motor MagicPie: 1000W (48V)
Brakes: Disc (front and rear)
Tires: Kenda rear (Maxxis), a leading Rubena

Front Fork: suspension, zvdih 100 mm with lockout
Weight: 25 kg
Warranty: 24 months


Height: approx. 113 cm (depending on height and type handlebars) (without the front wheel 89 cm)

width: 21 cm (50-65 cm handlebars on request)

length: 160 cm (without front wheel 130 cm)

Handlebar height can be adjusted according to the wishes of stature.

The machine can be purchased seat

The charger is being selled separately and can be found in the section: Chargers

Barva: Černá, Bílá, Šedá
Rychlost (km/h): 37
Hmotnost: 25
Dojezd (km): 45, 60, 80, 90, 100
Výkon (W): 1000

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