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Manufacturer: A-Jump

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The new brand, founded by Czech jumpers that combines the best of so-far manufactured jumping stilts. Follow us on Facebook.


ATTENTION! The price is for the construction itself without springs. Here, you can buy springs according to your body-weight, or use your current ones.



  • Hi-Quality plain bearings that can withstand far more than the competition and ensure silent during jumping for a long time.
  • The innovative structure in comparison with the competition boasting a higher strength at lower overall weight.
  • Elegant design with no protruding parts minimizes the risk of injury and damage of floor.
  • Brand fasteners Bossard - European manufacturer with anticorrosive treatment.
  • Parts from high-grade aluminum alloys and stainless steel.


  • Comfortable upper tying system is easy to tighten and loose in a few seconds.
  • Narrowed profile of the pipes of the Calf-cuff offers better comfort when jumping.
  • You can ubgrade Calf-Cuff thanks to quick release buckle, this gizmo was used by Felix Baumgartner to jump from the stratosphere.
  • Elegant lightweight holder of upper tying with the option of using the quick release for adjustment within a few seconds.


  • Basic version counts on bolting shoes to construction of jumping boots with 3 screws. This is the most comfortable and lightest bindings, which was ever invented. Prepair your shoes.
  • If interested, you can buy tying system called A-Jump Velcro.
  • Adjustable length of the footpegs make getting up from the ground easier for people with a small foot.


  • For A-Jump in order to increase strength and reduce weight of hooves they are made of a special composite.
  • Hooves are equipped with Levitan Extreme tread with unmatched durability.


  • The structure is open to new manufacturers of springs, so that everyone could select their preferred price-performance ratio.
  • Compatible with springs PowerstriderShocking Bockers and we are dealing with other manufacturers.


  • We use recyclable materials to the maximum extent possible when packing to avoid plastic as much as possible.
  • To minimize the environmental footprint we send shoes in a partially disassembled state. Thanks to the fact that you are willing to spend a few minutes assembling we can save up to 2/3 space for transport compared to traditional packaging.
  • Shoes do not ship far away from China, but from the heart of Europe.


All engineering and textile parts are manufactured and assembled in the Czech Republic by adult people.

PACKAGE CONTAINS: 1 pair of jumping shoes without springs including fasteners for fastening sneakers.

For installation you need:

If your home is missing something from that, you can also take a advantageous tool kit for full service.


Jumping stilts A-Jump are continuously improving thanks to feedback from the best jumpers. Send us your ideas for improvements.

Info about the new one

Nicolas, 18.04.2016 15:51:55

Hi , im very glad to hear some fresh news about a new stilts can you tell us more about these stilts ? are they made from you ? with witch material ? are they fully compatible with CZ powerstrider springs ? do you have some pics about it ? thanks in advance :)

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