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Buckle for Calf-Cuff

Buckle for Calf-Cuff

Buckle Cobra Austrian brand AustriAlpin for people who do not like compromises.

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  • The fastest possible putting on and taking of jumping stilts.
  • Easy tightening or releasing of a binding.
  • 100% safety

Price for one piece (as on picture)

We offer you the best. Look for: references to this buckle

Hollywood's 'The Martian' spacesuit feature all sorts of AustriAlpin COBRA products!
SPACE X Dragon capsule uses COBRA buckles!
Felix Baumgartner uses COBRAs for RedBull Stratosphere jump!
COBRA buckles have recently featured in The Avengers, GI Joe, Transformers, Promethius, Judge Dredd and Total Recall...just to name a few! Since their first debut in "Blade", they have been widely used by Hollywood designers for their "futuristic look", flawless function and their "cool factor". We offer our thanks to the great costume and set designers out there who like using our stuff - we're honored to work with you!


Price for 1 piece

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