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Jumping stilts without compromise. Th lightest jumping stilts you can have, the strongest bearings for silent and effective jumping. Made in Czech republic. Read more

Manufacturer: A-Jump

1349 € incl. VAT

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Ideal for professionals who need silent and reliable jumping stilts.

Weight with Calf-Cuff and PowerStrider springs: 3 kg each shoe.

Price includes one RAL colour of your choice.
You can also choose more colors for your A-jumps, (each aluminium part can have diferent color), but a surcharge of € 50 is charged for each additional color

Let us know your preffered colour.

You can order your A-Jump Pro without binding (upper and lower) and you will get 70 EUR discount.
You can have metal footplates instead of plastic ones for additional cost of 60€. Metal footplates make sense only for those, who fall very often. We are using TOP materials with maximum durability and minimum weight. Even plastic is almost undestroyable.


Delivery time: approx. 3 weeks (handmade)
Anodised coloring of aluminium parts may take up to 2 more weeks. RAL colours are more durable than anodised aluminium.

No noise and no wobbling, thanks to maximum precision during machining. Convenient bundling. Ideal for professional use and for theatrical purposes, where noise is undesirable. 

What is the difference A-Jump compared to the standard version? 

  • The lightest structure in the world. Weight of the shoe with a spring powerstrider is only 3 kg (6,6 Lbs)
  • A-Jump PRO is made from the smallest number of elements, which shows unparalleled strength.
  • Even better plain bearing bushes - Best composite bushings on the market (admixture of Kevlar fiber and Teflon for better slipperiness).
  • The construction is machined with an accuracy of 0.05 mm, bearings 0.02 mm precision.
  • Footrest milled  of hi-tech polymer. The result is minimum weight and higher safety.
  • Calf-cuff holder has compared to a standard version version optimized friction surface for highest torsional strength.


ATTENTION! The price is for the structure itself without springs. Here you can buy springs according to your weight, or use your current springs.


Delivery time 3 weeks. - Hand-made production.

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