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A-Jump Stiltwalker

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The most comfortable stilts on the market. Easily adjustable Calf-Cuff binding. This is what your knees deserve: Read more

Manufacturer: A-Jump

449 € incl. VAT

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Upper "Calf-Cuff" bindding allows you:

  • Perfec adaptation to the width of your leg
  • Correction of "X" and "O" legs
  • Possibility of front/back shift in order to find perfect balance
  • Extremly fast tightening
  • Compatible with any kneepads
  • Nothing interferes with the knee bending
  • 100% secure
  • The PRO variant is lighter than the Classic. Tightens and loosens faster and allows for an upgrade to a Cobra quick release, viz. below.

Lower binding:

Deafult setting is with bolts to attach your shoe (classic stiltwallkers solution)

You can also buy velcro binding, which is:

  • Extreme tightening
  • Quick fit / take off
  • 100% secure



You can buy velcro binding or use bolts as shown in 1:20:


Technical specifications:

  • Each stilt has only 2,5 kg (5,5 pounds)
  • Standard length: 85 cm (32 inch)
  • Easy to shorten to any length

Any length might be manufactured for you. Surcharge is €60/ €75 (no colour/ any colour)



a) Theater aluminum stilts come standard as a "IKEA style" jigsaw. You can assemble jumping shoes from the individual parts in 1 to 2 hours and then you will know them like your own shoes...

A printed manual and a video tutorial are available.

b) for an additional fee, you can choose assembly by our staff. He folds the stilts in such a way that you only have to install the aluminum legs and possibly bindings. see. video. Here, the shipment may be delayed for up to 7 days.


To assemble variant b) you need:

If you lack any of these at home, you can also purchase a convenient full service tool kit.


To assemble variant a) you need:

  • Torx X25 and X30
  • Imbus s5
  • Imbus s6
  • Spanner (ideally gola): 8, 10 and 13 mm

When using a cordless screwdriver, we recommend final tightening by hand


Additional stilts accesorries:

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