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Manufacturer: Kostka

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  • 998 € incl. VAT

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The model KOSTKA MUSHING PRO rides always perfectly but also with comfort, speed and precision. Whether you take your dog on a trip without borders - or you can ride alone too - but this mushing footbike never betrays your trust. Moreover, it fits well not only for sport mushing but it's also optimized for high speeds in harsh terrain and downhill racing without the dog. So when you reach the forest path with many roots and rocks on it or when you race downhill, it will be piece of cake for the footbike KOSTKA MUSHING PRO. And so it will be for you, too...

You will use the (in every detail) optimized driveability especially under harsh conditions. All the high-level components of this terrain footbike make together a perfect unit, which will provide you a lot of unending fun.

You will appreciate the improved frame design, making the riding and controllability much better - e.g. While downhill racing or riding on uneven terrain. That's why is the model KOSTKA MUSHING PRO one of the quick and agile terrain footbikes. The sprung front fork will absorb even the harshest collisions and thus every ride will be comfy and without any shocks.

The extended anti-skid deck, allowing you to stand with both legs on it, is equipped with special welding and a stiffener on its lower part. These elements protect the footbike frame when it collides with terrain unevenness and they make it tougher at the same time.

When you'd like to burn the road, you can fully rely on the wheels with double-walled rims Dragon, embedded in the hub Kostka HK 1024 DS, which were designed exclusively for footbiking. The model KOSTKA MUSHING PRO is equipped with the disc brakes Shimano 615. Thus, you can slow down or stop your wild quadruple friend even in case of driving on a very muddy road. You can handle this situation easily thanks to the premium-quality tires Schwalbe Nobby Nic 26" and Mad Mike 20" - they will never turn away.

While developing the model KOSTKA MUSHING PRO, we took into consideration not only footbikers themselves but their animal companions as well. In order to yoke your dog fast and safely, this footbike is equipped with an adapter and a flexible dog leash. So just get a fitting dog harness and off to adventure with your doggie and enjoy the exciting moments together.

The default colour shade of the footbike KOSTKA MUSHING PRO is Mystic Grey and Mystic Copper. If you like another colour, you can contact us. We believe we can accommodate requests for any kind of colour.

By use: For adults, For ride with a dog, Terrain
Wheel size: 26/20

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