Spare Poweriser springs

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Spare spring for the jumping spring is produced in 3 different kinds of rigidity - PR5070 (50kg - 70kg) - PR7090 (70 kg - 90 kg) - PR90120 (90 kg - 120 kg), spring has more power, longer life than previous models. Read more

Manufacturer: Poweriser

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detailed information

spring is produced in 4 different types of stiffness

  • - PR5070 (50kg - 70kg)
  • - PR7090 (70 kg - 90 kg)
  • - PR90120 (90 kg - 120 kg)
  • - PR90120 Plus (professional jumpers - warranty only 2 months)

Poweriser springs are compatible with skákacíma shoes PowerSkip, 7LeagueBoot, Skyrunner and Up-Wing.

TIP: The spring of the new model is more rigid and is made with technology than with the old model of spring
- If you want to jump to greater heights we recommended to buy new spring Poweriser

The price is for 1 pair of springs

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