A unique smart electric scooter manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Move from place to place with an ease you've never known before. A system based on sensors placed in the hub of the scooter records the movement activity of the person and thus reacts to all your stimuli, whether you want to increase or slow down, the scooter adapts to what you ask of it, experience the feeling of synergy and enjoy the joy of fast and easy movement.

Three modes, many options

There are a large number of settings that you can use, then all you have to do is bounce. Using the mobile application, individual parameters can be set, thanks to which you can adapt the behavior of the scooter directly to your needs.

In PEDELEC mode, the e-scooter will add the required power of assistance to each of your kicks and you will be able to move with unprecedented ease. If your speed drops to 6 km/h the scooter maintains this speed on the level, as it is the speed of a person when walking briskly, so it is easy to move between people. The maximum speed of assistance is up to 25 km/h, assistance is activated from 6 km/h..

In the FUN mode, it adds another function, maintains the last achieved speed on the plane (for a period according to the settings in the application). Of course, rebound assistance is also used, as in PEDELEC mode. Both modes also include the option to set the recovery of electrical energy, the maximum assistance speed in FUN mode is 20 km/h.

If you want to have a little fun and ride the scooter as it should and should be without assistance, simply set the mode to OFF - standard scooter mode.

No cables

No more worrying about cables, no more unwanted damage. A unique system based on an All-in-one solution where everything, including sensors and batteries, is placed in a compact electric hub with a nominal power of 250 W.< /p>

No registration and insurance

The Footbike Pedelec mode meets the strictest German legislation for electric scooters without the need for registration and insurance!

*Legislative requirements may differ for specific countries, so always check with the relevant authority for that country. For example, in the Czech Republic, all modes can be used without restrictions.

Safe and controllable

The large front wheel ensures easy passage over bumps, and the premium German Schwalbe tires ensure comfort. Refined geometry based on many years of experience in the production of scooters for easy handling and high stability is the basic building block of the scooter. No more curling up on a small, unstable e-scooter!

The Shimano brakes then provide perfect braking performance. Now you will simply enjoy the ride!

Control using a mobile application

Using Bluetooth, easily connect to your mobile device and you can easily monitor speed, distance traveled or your location. The entire setting takes place in the mobile application, where you can select individual parameters such as:

Boost (intensity of assistance during rebounding),
Assistance (distance over which the speed achieved with the help of rebounds will be maintained - up to 1km),
Braking (intensity of braking using the BT controller, active only with the BT controller - not included in the package!)
High speed braking (intensity of regenerative braking - active from 30 km/ h).

Multiple scooters can be paired to the created account and always choose the right one. However, you don't need a smartphone to drive! It is only used to set the appropriate mode.

 mobile application

Recovery and fast charging

Recovery can be used when braking or driving downhill. You can easily recharge part of the spent energy. The charging speed is only about 2 hours using a standard 2A charger, soe you don't wear out your battery unnecessarily and it can handle more than 1000 charging cycles!

In PEDELEC mode, recuperation is activated at a speed of 30 km/h, in FUN mode at 25 km/h strong>. The recovery intensity can be set in the application.

With a long range

Thanks to sophisticated power management and a recuperation system, the 160 Wh lithium battery capacity in PEDELEC mode ensures a range of more than 50 km and in FUN mode then easily over 20 km. Of course, it always depends on the setting of the aid, the profile of the route and the weight of the rider.

Stretch your body

We have retained the excellent characteristics of a sports scooter. Thanks to this, the ride is not only quick and easy, but you can also stretch your whole body along the way without unnecessary effort. Want to take a nap on your way home from work? Reduce engine power, switch mode and do something for your health!

The scooter stretches and strengthens the muscles, improves the condition of the joints and helps against back pain.

Low weight and high load capacity

The carrying capacity of the scooter is designed for up to 120 kg of weight under dynamic load. We test the life of scooters at our unique automatic test station, where real driving is simulated and the fatigue behavior of the material is monitored. The low weight of the electric scooter guarantees excellent driving characteristics and handling.


Within a few seconds you can easily fold the scooter in two steps. The FOLD system ensures folding of the handlebars, SPIN then turns the frame around its axis. This gives you a compact package that you can take with you on public transport, a train, a car, an apartment or store anywhere you need to. Our unique folding systems will help you with this!

No one will ride with her

E-KOSTKA has the ability to lock the motor as protection against unauthorized use. When the e-KOSTKY motor is not rotating, the speed indicator changes to a lock icon and the motor can be locked. If the lock is activated, the engine has a high resistance to turning, and normal driving is not possible. If you try to control the application or ride on e-KOSTKE while it is locked, you will be notified by a message in the application.

The motor lock function does not replace a classic bicycle lock and does not secure the scooter against theft!


16"-12" Folding electric scooter for the city

KOSTKA e-REBEL MAX FOLD is a light electric scooter that can be effortlessly folded in just 20 seconds. You will appreciate the polished features of this light scooter for adults especially in city traffic, but also during shorter trips.

Among its main advantages are nimble dexterity, super low weight and really small dimensions. With a little exaggeration, you could say that you put it in your pocket. Without exaggeration, you will definitely put all other road users in your pocket.

You can carry it up the stairs without any problems or carry it over any other obstacle that gets in your way in the whirlwind of the city. When folded, it measures only 82×64×20 cm, thanks to which you can easily take it by public transport or store it in a small apartment.

The scooter's durability is guaranteed by the high-strength (CrMo) steel frame, which is protected from the underside of the tread by special welds and reinforcement. These elements not only protect the frame against wear, but also increase its rigidity. The inflatable wheels are fitted with high-quality Schwalbe Big Apple tyres, which ensure immense agility and comfort.

When a pedestrian, car, tram, frightened dog or hole in the pavement unexpectedly appears in your path, you can always stop reliably thanks to Shimano brakes.

The KOSTKA e-REBEL MAX FOLD model is equipped with a transport bag and a strap, which will protect the scooter from damage and at the same time make it easier for you to carry it. It also includes a short strap that allows for easy transport on the back wheel when folded.

Basic specifications:

  • Length 1250 mm
  • Height 930 mm
  • Weight 10.2 kg
  • Tread clearance 60 mm
  • Tread length 420 mm
  • Front wheel size 16"
  • Rear wheel size 12"
  • Wheel wheelbase 865 mm
  • Frame load capacity 120 kg
  • Handlebar width 620 mm
  • Battery type Li-ion (160 Wh, 5.3 Ah, 33.6 V)
  • Nominal motor power 250 W (Brushless)
  • Max. speed 20, 25 km/h
  • Full charge in about 2.5 h
  • Range about 50 km


  • Plugs Plastic reflective
  • Brakes Shimano 4000
  • Chubs KOSTKA HK 6520 RS
  • Shoes Schwalbe Big Apple
  • Rims Double walled - DRAGON
  • Stem KOSTKA FL 2822 S
  • Handlebars KOSTKA FBH 620-290 Al
  • Fork Fixed 16"
  • Bearings (Hubs) Industrial
  • Headset A-Head"
  • Handle Hardened foam - insurance
  • RadsStainless steel
  • Soul Autovalve
Barva: Zelená
Rychlost (km/h): 20,25
Hmotnost: 11
Dojezd (km): 50
Výkon (W): 250

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