Freestyle SnowScoot Younger for kids

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As the name suggests, another member of our SnowBaaR family has become a snowscoot for the youngest of us. The basic requirement was to produce a snowscoot for the 5-10 age group. Read more

Manufacturer: Snowbaar

599 € incl. VAT

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The fact that the Younger frame is not just a toy for children, but a machine that carries all the benefits proves its stocking, which would cross with even the highest models in the adult categories. The massive and at the same time very light steel construction, the head tube fitted with industrial bearings measuring 41.8x8x45x45 °, 10 freely adjustable pins along the entire length of the board and a completely redesigned way of attaching the foot strap to the foot only prove this statement.

Younger is a scaled-down version of the Beaster freestyle model , from which it takes away the basic shapes and curves of the frame.


The most important components that provide amazing riding characteristics are undoubtedly skis. A completely new platform designed so that the front and rear skis together form one radius to give the skis an ideal shape. The side construction of the skis is the same as in our highest models of side wall construction. The raised front of the skis with a decently higher leading edge will ensure smooth control not only on the slopes, but also in the powder.


Basic parameters of Snowscoot Younger:

  • Height: 590 mm
  • Ski length: 1290 mm
  • Handlebar width: 600 mm with the possibility to shorten by 15 mm.
  • Weight including skis: 8.4 Kg

We can only add that you can have SnowBaaR Younger provided with any color of your choice. You can find all the colors on our website.

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