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The unique shape of the skis with carbon reinforcements, the massive sprung fork and the original design are, in a nutshell, the basic attributes of the SnowBaaR Gangster model. Read more

Manufacturer: Snowbaar

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As the name "GANGSTER" suggests, this model line is happy to share even the harshest conditions.

The main advantage is without a doubt the sprung fork, which contributes significantly to the new possibilities that snowscoot has to offer. Suspension / damping of the fork is selected air / oil cartridge due to constant operation at low temperatures. The rigidity of the fork is ensured by the air pressure in the 32 mm thick legs. The oil cartridge allows you to adjust the bounce. The carrier is connected to the fork via a 15 mm fixed axis.

The frame is based on the Freestyle concept, so the head tube angle is set to 72 °. Due to the short head tube, which had to be fitted with a sprung snowscoot, a design with two central tubes was chosen. The ideal rigidity of the frame is ensured by four reinforcements. Two of them are parallel and connect the upper frame tube with the lower support part and the two opposite ones, which eliminate the tilting of the frame to the sides. Maximum adjustable pins (0-12 mm) ensure maximum comfort, keeping the shoes firmly in place in all conditions.

The skis for this model have been completely redesigned, whether it's the internal structure of the skis or the overall shape of the skis. The sides of the skis are made sidewall construction. The ski panel is made of a wooden core with carbon fibers at both ends.

The new unique shape of the skis, where the toes are 30 mm higher than usual, prevents the snowscoot from "sinking" into the powder, so the snowscoot always keeps track even in deeper snow.


The color of the Gangster can be customized by choosing from the full range of colors listed on our website.

Why buy a SnowBaaR snowscoot?

  • Snowscoot Snowbaar is a handmade product that is created with maximum attention to detail.
  • Due to the fact that we are direct manufacturers, we can guarantee all spare parts always in stock.
  • Full service is provided for all our customers.
  • Snowscoot Snowbaar is a Czech product and all parts come from domestic suppliers and partners.

Always wear a safety belt! This will prevent possible harm or injury to yourself or others.


Usage: Freestyle

Material: High quality thin-walled steel diameter 28mm - double construction

Length: 1740 mm

Frame / ski weight: 9.9 / 2.9 kg

Head composition: Integrated 41.8x8x45x45 °

Forks: Suntour Raidon RL-R 100mm

Height: 950 mm

Handlebar width / height: 730 mm / 6.5´´

Pads: Carving kit + Micropore

Grips: Lock-on FORCE Dual grip

Load capacity: 150 kg

Color: All colors from our site

Skis: Sidewall construction, wooden core with carbon reinforcements

Boarding board: 30 adjustable pins

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