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The ULTIMATE SnowBaaR SNAKER Snowscoot is built on a new platform using even lighter high-strength steel. Read more

Manufacturer: Snowbaar

1332 € incl. VAT

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Even at the idea of ​​creating a new model, when the imaginary bar of the WORLD CUP model is set quite high, it was clear to us that everything must go through the sharpest criticism, regardless of the dogmas experienced.

Every detail had to be taken into account, whether it was skiing, geometry or overall design. Speed, stability and design have become top priorities.

SNAwscoot SnowBaaR SNAKER bearing the ULTIMATE label is built on a new platform using even lighter high-strength steel. The complete weight of the frame, including the skis, thus fell below the incredible limit of 10 kilograms. Not only the very original concept of the center tube but also the position of the rear structure with finer radii contributed to the overall smoother design. The total length is thus 25 mm longer than that of his siblings from our workshop.

The Ultimate model now comes with Gangster FS skis

The boarding board got an additional 8 pins on the sides, which gives the rider even more grip and thus unprecedented safety even on very steep descents. Sufficient adhesion even when moving the legs to the edge of the frame is a great advantage.

The new CrMo 9.5´´ handlebars with a total width of 740 mm and a weight of 650 g, which are equipped with safety grips, ensure an ideal grip. Snaker Ultimate is available in all color variants from our website.

Why buy a SnowBaaR snowscoot?

  • Snowscoot Snowbaar is a handmade product that is created with maximum attention to detail.
  • Due to the fact that we are direct manufacturers, we can guarantee all spare parts always in stock.
  • Full service is provided for all our customers.
  • Snowscoot Snowbaar is a Czech product and all parts come from domestic suppliers and partners.

Always wear a safety belt! This will prevent possible harm or injury to yourself or others.



Usage: Freeride / Slopes

  • Material: High quality thin-walled steel diameter 28mm
  • Length: 1640 mm
  • Frame weight: 6.9 kg
  • Header: Integrated
  • Height: 830 mm
  • 730 mm handlebars
  • Pads: Carving kit
  • Grips: Lock-on
  • Load capacity: 150 kg
  • Color: All from our site

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