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The SnowBaaR World Cup model line is intended for the most demanding riders, both for its overall very original design and, above all, for perfecting all the details. Read more

Manufacturer: Snowbaar

1207 € incl. VAT

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The solid frame is made of high-quality thin-walled steel and is designed with emphasis on maximum durability while maintaining low weight. The middle lattice hand-shaped tube differed from its RACE brother in a somewhat more angular shape and is reinforced by two crossbars, which provide unprecedented strength in critical areas.

The fork has undergone a slight but very important change in the form of two opposing braces in the most stressed areas, so the front of the snowscoot is ready to withstand significant overload without any damage. < / p>


One of the other innovations is the insertion of 8 pieces of silent blocks with a hardness of 70 shA, which finds the ideal ratio between the elimination of unwanted vibrations caused by uneven terrain and the smooth tilting of snowscoot into curves. Thanks to these silent blocks, the center of gravity of the snowscoot has increased by 15 mm, which allows a smoother transition from the plane to the arc and back.

28 individually adjustable pins arranged symmetrically on the board keep the shoes firmly in place even in very adverse weather conditions, so there is no unpleasant feeling of a slippery surface when you need it the least. The pins can be adjusted in height from 0 to 12 mm.

The reinforcement material that forms the core of the "Footstrap" itself has been replaced by a new PVC foil, which, thanks to its unique properties, ideally holds a trapezoidal shape and immediately returns to its original shape even after inaccurate insertion.

The World Cup model range is also available in two versions: the SNAKER model for freeride and downhill skiing and the Beaster model for freestyle and park riding.

Both models can be provided with a color of your choice, where you can choose from a range of colors listed on our website.

Why buy a SnowBaaR snowscoot?

  • Snowscoot Snowbaar is a handmade product that is created with maximum attention to detail.
  • Due to the fact that we are direct manufacturers, we can guarantee all spare parts always in stock.
  • Full service is provided for all our customers.
  • Snowscoot Snowbaar is a Czech product and all parts come from domestic suppliers and partners.

Always wear a safety belt! This will prevent possible harm or injury to yourself or others.




Usage: Freeride / Slopes

Material: High quality thin-walled steel diameter 28mm - double construction

Length: 1640 mm

Weight: 10.9 kg

Head composition: Integrated 41.8x8x45x45 °

Height: 830 mm

Handlebar width / height: 780 mm / 10´´

Pads: Carving kit

Grips: Lock-on FORCE Dual grip

Load capacity: 150 kg

Color: All colors from our site

Skis: Cap design with high quality wood core and double hardness

Boarding board: 28 adjustable pins



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