Snowscoot SnowBaaR Snaker PRO

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The Snaker PRO model line is intended for more advanced riders who require maximum durability from snowscoot at a reasonable price. Read more

Manufacturer: Snowbaar

791 € incl. VAT

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High-quality thin-walled steel with a diameter of 24 mm ensures unprecedented strength in critical areas. The frame geometry is built on a medium-wide platform for even more precise control when switching between arcs. The head tube angle is more set, so the Snaker PRO snowscoot is very smooth and easy to handle even at high speed.

The total length of 1640 mm guarantees an ideal ski gauge for the carving concept of riding not only on steep sections, but also on flat slopes covered with morning corduroy.

The integrated head assembly with encapsulated solid bearings allows the handlebars to run unchangingly even at very low temperatures. Microporous pads with a hardness of 60 sHa perfectly dampen unwanted vibrations at the junction of the frame with the skis, while thanks to their hardness, the slightest movement of the rider is immediately transmitted to the skis, which then react with unprecedented precision.

The PRO model line is equipped with new skis with double hardness of the rear ski, where the softer part allows for more agile handling and the harder front part always follows the track and direction of travel.


SnowBaaR skis are designed for a very wide range of riders. SnowBaaR skis are lively and easy to use. Thanks to their construction, which is based on a quality wooden core, they are suitable for acrobatic stunts on a ramp or in parks, as well as for riding in deep snow or on a groomed piste.

Basic technical data of SnowBaaR skis:

  • cap design
  • wood core
  • prepreg (laminate) backing layers
  • PE skids
  • softened back of the back ski
  • SnowBaaR skis are equipped with three rows of inserts for precise adjustment to the needs of the rider and are compatible with other brands.

Why buy a SnowBaaR snowscoot?

  • Snowscoot Snowbaar is a handmade product that is created with maximum attention to detail.
  • Due to the fact that we are direct manufacturers, we can guarantee all spare parts always in stock.
  • Full service is provided for all our customers.
  • Snowscoot Snowbaar is a Czech product and all parts come from domestic suppliers and partners.

Always wear a safety belt! This will prevent possible harm or injury to yourself or others.


Usage: Freeride / Slopes

Material: High quality thin-walled steel diameter 24mm

Length: 1640 mm

Weight: 11.6 kg

Head composition: Integrated 41.8x8x45x45 °

Height: 890 mm

Handlebar width / height 700 mm / 8.5´´

Washers: 40 sHa

Grips: Lock-on FORCE

Load capacity: 120 kg

Color: Sky blue matte with white fork

Orange with a white fork

Skis: Cap design with wooden core and double hardness

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