snowscoot SnowBaaR Beaster Classic

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Great snowscoot for beginner riders, ideal for freestyle and park riding. Read more

599 € incl. VAT

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Snowscoots are assembled in the Czech Republic. After ordering, we ship within two working days.

The Classic line was designed for beginners riders .

The frame geometry is based on a classic platform and is used for freestyle and park riding. This model has been completely designed to make snowscoot easy to control at lower speeds. The head tube angle is more upright and makes it easy to perform tricks like Barspin or X-UP.

It's essential for beginners to get a clear response from their snowscoots, so this model line is equipped with medium hardness skis . Microporous pads, hardness 20 sHa, ensure the transition between the ski and the frame. Their optimal softness ideally absorbs shocks. This model line is an ideal combination of high quality snowscoot and low price, but it should be noted that the Classic line is not designed for big jumps where snowscoot can be overloaded.