Drywall stilts with improved binding

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Replace clumsy stepladders with aluminum work stilts for drywallers, as more and more craftsmen have been doing lately. Plasterboarders and painters especially praise the acceleration of work on the ceiling and the very natural movement. Read more

Manufacturer: GTX

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Don't risk your health on suspiciously cheap (but beautifully colored) stilts. We have for you an honest structure of stilts, supplemented with a comfortable and safer Czech Velcro binding.

Weight: 7 kg/ pair   | Load capacity 120 kg

Gypsterboard work stilts have an adjustable height from 45 to 100 cm. Aluminum stilts are not just for plasterers and craftsmen. They are also appreciated by gardeners when combing fruit and other professions.

Video about construction stilts:



Assembly/ painting/ construction stilts in practice:

Construction stilts are not intended for acrobats, but for ordinary craftsmen. So you don't have to worry about having to learn from them for many years and pass your skills down the generations from father to son :-)

Standing on plasterboard stilts for the first time can be a bit precarious, but after 5 minutes you will feel much more stable on them, and after 15 minutes you will feel that they are a solid part of you.

How to learn at drywall conventions?

Watch the video above to get an idea of how challenging it is to learn on telescopic aluminum stilts. If you follow a few rules, you have nothing to fear:

  1. Find a flat safe surface and we recommend any knee pads
  2. Set the telescopic stilts to the lowest height
  3. Put on your shoes on a windowsill or table (later you can also lean against the wall)
  4. Practice your first steps along the fence or holding hands with a partner
  5. After the first hour spent on stilts, you will never go back to the stepladder :-)
    • Beware of Chinese binding!

      The biggest weakness of cheap Chinese stilts is their binding. Especially the upper one (holding the calf) loosens very easily and often on its own.

      A properly tightened binding is essential to feel confident on the stilts. That's why you get our own improved binding for stilts from HOPsej.cz for free, secured with Velcro. You can add the improved binding to your cart as a gift for these stilts.

      Binding stilts from HOPsej.cz:

      • turns on and off faster
      • holds the calf more reliably
      • is not allowed during work



      Assembly stilts will save you tens of hours of time...

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