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Kangoo Jumps for man and woman over 32 kg. The most popular model of Kangoo Jumps. Read more

Manufacturer: Kangoo Jumps

225 € incl. VAT

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On Kangoo Jumps, you can:

  • Practice kangoorobics in the gym or at home on TV
  • Run on asphalt, dirt road, but also grass

Can't find your size / load capacity? We have Aerower - Next Generation Kangaroo Boots for you.

The soles do not smudge on the floor and at the same time they have an extreme durability even on asphalt. Kangaroo shoes can sometimes make a creaking sound when used. Do not be afraid of anything, it is a property, given the construction and the sound will stop over time. the best solution is great music for running or exercising :-)

For people with impaired joints:

We have a lot of customers who can run again after an injury thanks to Kangoo Jumps. They are suitable for people after knee, hip or ankle injuries.

The ankle is completely fixed when running on Kangoo Jumps. The shocks of the kangaroo shocks are 80%.


The KJ XR3 features a brand new IPS spring offering:

- better performance
- increased comfort
- new options
- longer life
This model also offers a durable and durable outer frame with a replaceable comfort insert that can be washed in washing machine (30 C, do not smoke)

Sizes (EUR sizes) 33-48


If you weigh over 85 Kg, we recommend buying metal springs , or reaching straight for the model Pro7

Which size to choose Kangoo Jumps

Choose the size of kangaroo shoes according to your standard summer shoe size. If you are in a range of two sizes, choose the smaller one. This is because a leg that is too loose could penetrate the inner liner.


If they don't fit you, we'll send you a different size.


Kangoo Jumps Size Chart


WARRANTY : Shells, springs and quick release buckles are guaranteed for 3 months as they are worn parts. It lasts for a normal user for several years. As soon as you notice a higher degree of deformation of the shells while jumping, it is necessary to replace the rubber springs or install metal ones. Excessive trampling may be due to the weight of the user or the rubber springs being pulled out.

The rubber sole and the inside of the textile insert are no longer covered by the warranty after the first use.



Aqeelah, 09.04.2018 22:16:39

How much does this shoes cost? How do I order?

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