Kangoo Jumps KJ5 PRO7 black/red

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Kangaroo shoes KJ5 PRO7 is TOP model of Kangoo Jumps. This model is ideal for professional athletes or people over 90 kg weight. Read more

Manufacturer: Kangoo Jumps

269 € incl. VAT

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We are not allowed to send this product to any country with local official distributor. We are official reseller for Czech Republic. 

KJ Pro 7 - Heavy Duty Rebounding
The Pro model was a late arrival to the available options and has become a favorite of heavy user, athletic types that require more rigid response and are using the KJs for running or other boot camp type of activities. As a result of the heavier duty construction, those who are heavier for their KJ size, may want to opt for the Pro model as it will perform better and have less maintenance over time when used by those who weigh more (see chart) and are regular users.
All Pro Models come with additional coil springs in the box, but not installed. Do NOT install coil springs for a minimum of 2-4 weeks, letting them "break in" completely. Pro Model size Small (US women under 6.5 or men under 5.5) is a custom order. Medium Pro (Men 5.5-8.5; Women 6.5-9.5) uses a stronger shell and more durable t-Spring than same same size XR models with Pro Large and xLarge using the strongest shells and are also wider. The strongest tSpring is the Pro6 tSpring and can be purchased seperately (note: it is very difficult to install).
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