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The revolutionary TK8 Air Pro pogo stick can do great tricks and take you really high. The most powerful jumping stick of the TK8 range, not just for professionals, is made with unique technology that guarantees extreme flexibility. At the same time it is solid and durable and thanks to the fluid movement you can enjoy a truly exceptional jumping experience. Read more

Manufacturer: TK8

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The brand new Pogo stick AIR PRO is the most powerful of the TK8 range! This is a revolutionary pogo stick that allows users to spend the biggest tricks of this sport! Its new aluminum leg has been designed to allow air to flow perfectly along the grooves provided for this purpose and it is no longer necessary to have holes in the body of the pogo because the glide is perfect.

The AIR PRO witch is lighter than the BIG AIR model is suitable for users of 55 kg and more. New thrills thanks to the new technology of the AIR PRO specially designed for experienced Riders! Of course, like the FUN and AIR FUN devices, you develop your health capital, by doing cardio work, balance and all the muscles!

The AIR PRO is equipped with the new TK8 leg with its new design! This new technology and this particular design offer the pogo stick an extraordinary flexibility! Thanks to the evacuation of the air by the particular structure of the leg, no resistance slowed the movement of the pogo stick. The movement becomes very fluid, which gives the user a very pleasant feeling for the practice of this sport and allows him to jump higher and pass more technical figures. This new TK8 leg is made of very lightweight and durable aluminum, which allows the pogo stick to further reduce its initial weight.

Technical specification:

  • Recommended age: from 15 years old
  • Recommended user weight: from 55 kg
  • Weight of the jumping stick: 4 kg
  • Height of jumps: greater than 2.5 m with its aluminum leg
  • Recommended air pressure: between 3 and 7 bar


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