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Od konce ledna 2015 naši nabídku rozšíří POGa světové značky TK8. POGO TK8 FUN je určeno skokanům do 60 kg. Read more

Manufacturer: TK8

130 € incl. VAT

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  • Progressive rubber skates
  • Cardio training development
  • Very playful and varied use
  • Resistant and solid
  • full muscular workout
  • Develops coordination and balance
  • Minimum load: 35kg
  • Maximum load: 60kg
  • Urban sport
  • Muscular armouring
  • Usable on all hard surfaces
  • Fun and playful - a great opportunity to progress
  • Soil wet and slippery

Package dimensions: (mm): 550x 462x 356
Package weight including accessories: 7,4 kg


Jo Mond, 18.08.2015 05:03:58

Do you ship to Australia? Jomond@grapevine.net.au

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