KOSTKA Footbike fender

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Manufacturer: Kostka

20 € incl. VAT

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This fender is not designed for the FOLD models and kid STREET models!

This fender is a part of an expedition set, without this fender, the full usage is not avaliable without it!

The fender KOSTKA is determined only for footbike. It´s construction is radically different from usually used fenders. The fender KOSTKA is not only useful supplement of every footbike, but it also complete design of footbike.

You can simply attach the the fender to the frame, because the fender is provided with two holes, which can fit into the bottle holder mounting holes. But don't worry, if you have the KOSTKA Fender, you will not loose the opportunity of mounting the bottle holder. The Fender is designed for the bottle holder to be mounted straight on the fender.

All products KOSTKA are made with respect every detail and all elegance. The fender perfectly fit to coherent road KOSTKA models and suitable complete the footbike.

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