Skyrunner Jumping Stilts

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Jumping shoes for beginners who want to try this sport first. A cheap price for jumping shoes that will be your ticket to the world of powerbocking Read more

Manufacturer: Skyrunner

366 € incl. VAT

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This is an unpacked item, returned within 14 days. There may be a scuff, but nothing you wouldn't get on new boots after a day of jumping. For the reduced price, a great purchase ;-) You have the warranty as if it were new jumping shoes.

If you are not sure how much you will enjoy jumping shoes and if you are dealing with the question of money, Skyrunners are a good choice.

Over time, with the help of, you can upgrade them and treat them to a more comfortable binding Calf Cuff and Velcro, or you can buy Czech jumping boots A-Jump.

Skyrunner jump shoes allow you to easily jump high, run fast or perform tricks and acrobatics. They can also be used for running, if you are tired of classic running and are looking for new challenges. In addition, you will improve your condition and exercise your whole body in a fun and unconventional way. During constant balancing, the deep muscles are constantly working. The massive construction and materials used ensure safe and long-lasting jumping. We recommend wearing a helmet and protectors on both hands and knees when using boots.

Technical description:

  • clamping straps for the feet
  • spring: fiberglass
  • frame: aluminum alloy
  • surface for the foot: polypropylene
  • straps: nylon
  • bounce pad: rubber
  • padding in the calf and shin area: EVA foam
  • load capacity: 110 kg
  • weight: 7.5 kg (pair)

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