Children's first skates

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Slides - children's first skate with two knives for maximum stability. Read more

Manufacturer: Vella

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Do note when ordering please specify whether you want a yellow or red.
Velcro straps are finished with buckles. Rubber-modified plastic has a constant strength and elasticity even at temperatures well below freezing. Buckles dual-threading for small and large shoe - with a sole length of 145 to 200 mm.
Sliding knives are rolled steel vyválcovaným edge angle of 120 °, so that children nerozjížděly legs. The cutting edge is protected against moisture anticorrosive layer.

Attention! Kluzky (snowfeet) is not suitable for a ski slope! They do not have steel grip edges and they give you no control at higher speeds. If you want to have fun in a Ski Resort, the only choice are Sled Dogs snow skates. Their solid construction and steel grip edges guarantee perfect control even during extreme speed.

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