Freeline skates OG original


Freeline skates OG original

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The model, which was made as the first ever refers Freeline Skates OG - it is a die cast aluminum with rubber wheels. The compact body of one part, which are further attached wheels. Cast from one piece of material highly resistant aluminum alloy, freeline because they can not even harsher treatment. The strongest model from the menu. That is why most video Draught just with this model. ABEC 5 Bearings Read more

Manufacturer: Freeline Skates

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Freeline skates OG is the original model Freeline, designed for high-load driving, and for those who want to make their freeline long lasting. This is a one-piece cast aluminum alloy 356-T6 which is used in the aerospace industry, for maximum durability.

ABEC 5 bearings Wheels have greater durability than conventional longboard ones. The strongest model from our menu.

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