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Freeline Skates Cruiser original

Freeline Skates Cruiser original

Freeline skates Cruiser are replacements for older Grom model. Maintains the same cage is complemented with wheels of the same quality as models OG, and PRO. The plate has a higher strength and flexibility. The bottom side of the board is also a successful design. Cruiser is an option for the start and leisure.

  • Price: 130 € incl. VAT

Availability: 3 days

Freeline skates Cruiser- have a huge advantage for beginners. In the steel structure are built holes training wheels, so to go easily when needed to deploy and again removed.

Training wheels can be supplied on request, but we do not recommend it. Practice has shown better learn them straight without them...

With Free Line Cruiser, you will especially appreciate that they are lighter and stronger board than GROM model has. They look very good. ABEC 5 bearings Wheels have greater durability than conventional longboard wheels.

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