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The Flow Line set is the perfect entry into the world of one-inch slackline straps. Thanks to good energy distribution, it offers comfortable and soft walking. Only two ratchets and a slackline strap - very easy tensioning. The rubberized surface is stable even when wet and the whole set is highly variable. When your length is short, just buy a longer line and you can start exploring longline. Read more

Manufacturer: Gibbon

100 € incl. VAT

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Part of the package tree protection treewear

Set Gibbon Flow Line X13 boldly introduces you to the world of one-inch slackline (width 2.5 cm). The originally sewn rubberized strap allows for comfortable and soft walking and a great balancing experience. Thanks to the non-slip surface, it is very stable even when wet, and the whole set is also highly variable. Simple tensioning with two ratchets is really easy for everyone. This system also guarantees maximum variability. When you have an 18 m long strap in your little finger, there is nothing easier than to buy an even longer strap and use the same ratchets to tighten it. Even over longer distances, these ratchets ensure perfect installation of the line.

This strap is also suitable for slackliners who want to continue walking over a longer distance - longline.

An amazingly simple system of sewn and reinforced eyelets on the ratchet strap can be found on both ratchets, making line tensioning a breeze.

You can tighten and loosen the kit and get it ready for action in just 5 minutes.

The GIBBON X13 series also brings a number of improvements, which include the use of even higher quality material, special edge treatment< /strong> or new design handles for ratchets for more comfortable tensioning. Slacklining thus acquires a new, much safer and gentler form.

All lines are additionally TÜV certified.

However, even when having fun, think about the environment you live in and use tree bark protection TreePad. The environment will thank you and you will also save money because you will increase the life of the straps.

Set includes:

  • 18 m long strap 25 mm wide
  • 2 ratchets with safety lock and comfortable handle
  • 2 m long straps with reinforced eye at each ratchet
  • Instructions for use

Spec: gibbon-slackline-flow-line

Three-piece set for quick installation and disassembly including instructions
Strap width: 2.5 cm / 1 inch
Set length: 22 m
Maximum load capacity: 3 t (30 kN)
Color: Yellow
Tensioning: 2 ratchets
Weight: 3.85 kg


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