Aerower bag for kangaroo shoes

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Sports bag for wearing all types of kangaroo shoes (Aeroware, Kangoo Jumps), sportswear and personal accessories (mobile phone, keys, etc.) Practical, functional and durable. Read more

Manufacturer: Aerower

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Aerower bag for kangaroo shoes allows you to transport your jumpers and has enough space for carrying everything you need for your Jumple class.

Practical design, functional and resistant thanks to the high quality of the fabrics that compose it. The bag has multiple compartments that will allow you to keep your material and personal items organized.

Measures: 25 x 35 x 45,4 cm

Capacity: 34 litres

Aerower bag for kangaroo shoes:

  • Top opening that has two zippers to insert and take jumpers quickly and easily.
  • Large capacity compartment on each side with the Aerower logo, where you can save your personal items such as mobile, keys, wallet ...
  • Rear compartment specially designed to store the spare parts of your jumpers.
  • Compartment with extra large front opening that covers the entire bottom surface of the Koala bag and is separated from its interior, designed to carry shoes or dirty clothes.
  • Adjustable band to carry the bag on the shoulder, with padded reinforcement that maximizes comfort.
  • Handle on the top to be able to transport the bag also by hand.
  • Upper rack to help breathability.
  • Base with friction resistant reinforced material.
  • All zippers have the closing with the Aerower logo.
  • It supports up to 10 kg of weight inside.


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