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The Beaster RACE model range is designed for maximum load and use in the harshest conditions. Every factor that pushes the boundaries of snowscoot strength to a different level has been taken into account. Read more

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The Beaster RACE would probably be best described as a "purebred trick beast."

It is built on the widest platform and is complemented by a number of new innovations that contribute to the uncompromising driving characteristics of this model line. One of them is the conical shape of the rear structure, so the frame exactly copies the cut of the rear ski. The rider does not have to look for the right place for the pressure of the feet into the frame for a long time, and no matter where he rises on the frame he always gets the most accurate response, so it is immediately possible to react to uneven surfaces.

The new 40mm lower frame geometry fits perfectly in this model and has an amazing effect on overall behavior and handling. The reinforced frame together with the middle reinforcement guarantee maximum strength against unwanted twisting and thus form one large compact unit. Height-adjustable pins (0-12 mm), which keep the rider's shoes firmly in place even in deep snow or icing, increase the adhesion of the shoes to the maximum possible limit.

The feeling of driving itself becomes much calmer and the rider has the opportunity to concentrate 100% on the ride.