Snowshoe Morpho Classic


Snowshoe Morpho Classic

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The truly honest Morpho Classic snowshoes with a load capacity of 96 kg were made in France and offer the best price / performance ratio we have ever encountered. Read more

115 € incl. VAT

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This is the most versatile size of snowshoes that suits most people.

You can adjust the snowshoes to your shoe size very quickly, easily and safely with the help of toothed straps.

The body of the snowshoes is made of a special non-freezing material that will withstand your hard handling. The rotating mechanism (articulated binding) is made of very rigid polyamide PA66.

Snowshoes do not slip to the sides or back thanks to:

  • grooved sides along the entire length
  • aggressive double-toothed cat made of tool steel
  • 6 hard steel tips

Thanks to the adaptable body of the swivel mechanism, the snowshoes are suitable for almost any type of shoe, from trekking to ski or snowboard (the binding and mechanism are identical to the Bigfoot model. We recommend Haven Bigfoot snowshoes for people over 96 kg)

Morpho Classic snowshoe settings:

  • The rotating mechanism allows the setting of 3 positions:
  • walking in mild terrain .... free heel
  • walking up a steep hill ... free heel, extended heel to reduce the strain on the calf muscle
  • walking / jumping downhill ... the heel is locked

The load capacity of snowshoes is up to 96 kg

Surface size: 2x 181 square inches

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