Very strong and static Classic Line strap for everyone. Perfect multi-purpose set suitable for both family and advanced slackliners. We sell the set in two variants, 15 m or 25 m, which is a length that will not tire even the most demanding. A traditional product from the manufacturer Gibbon that has been tested over the years and sets the direction and trends in slacklining. The joy of balancing, the simplicity of the entire system, endless fun in the garden or in the park or as a training accessory. All this in two pieces (line and ratchet), always ready and packed for the trip.

You can tighten and loosen the whole set in 5 minutes. Product with TÜV certificate.

From a safety point of view, we do not recommend using a tensioned strap higher than 50 cm above the ground.

Slackline set includes:

- 12.5 m long strap with sewn-in eyelet for easy attachment
- 2.5 m long strap with eyelet attached to the ratchet
- ratchet with safety lock and comfortable handle
- protection trees TREEWEAR
- ratchet protection RAT PAD
- instructions for use

Technical data Gibbon Classic line Treewear set:

- available as a set with a 15m or 25m strap
- 50mm strap width for use low to the ground and for safe balancing
- maximum load capacity: 4000kg (40kN)
- two-part set for quick installation and disassembly
- including instructions and practical Rat Pad ratchet protection
- strap width: 5 cm / 2 inch
- length of complete set: 15 m
- tension: ratchet
- color: yellow
- weight: 2.9 kg

Gibbon CLASSIC LINE is especially suitable for freestyle in-line and skateboard thanks to the thickness of the strap. It can be used as a portable handrail for various slides and other tricks.

Warning: Save our trees and always use tree bark protection. You will please not only nature, but also yourself, as the protection also increases the life of the straps.

packaging weight: 3.2 kg

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