KOSTKA Fender Shock 1665 - Front

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If you are looking for fender, which will handle extreme conditions and treatment, you just found it!We are happy that we can bring you this new conception of the fender SHOCK, designated for extreme conditions. Read more

Manufacturer: Kostka

27 € incl. VAT

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Sometimes it is fine to return home, all dirty and covered in mud like it can happen on Dakar Rally, but for those, who do not have a shover in front of your apartement, this fender for footbike is a necessity.
The base of the Fender KOSTKA SHOCK 1665 is a highly resistant and flexible polymer, which is not only resistant to microvibrations, but also guarantees, that the dirt and impurities are easily removable from the fender and you dont have to deal with it.
Stability is guaranteed by steel brace. The fixing is then realised with stainless steel rivets and screws, acompanied with absorbent rubber washers.

Rear mudguard for scooters with 65 mm pitch and 16" wheel size.

Currently sold compatible models: REBEL MAX FOLD (G5), REBEL MAX KID (G5)

Basic specifications:

  • Height 205 mm
  • Width 60 mm
  • Length 470 mm
  • Weight 250 g

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