Coffin pool float

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280 € incl. VAT

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Unicorns and flamingos are out. Now it's time for the Coffin pool float!

Not only it's fully functional vessel, it's also very useful in many other ways:

  • It's pink so no one will overlook you in a pool.
  • It's a coffin. COFFIN! Did you really think that someone could overlook you? The pink colour is just a bonus.
  • In case you drowned your family will not need to move you. You will actually save them a lot of money and stress.
  • It's a perfect hiding place if you need to hide from mosquitos, wasps, annoying people...
  • You didn't have time to lose weight for swimsuit? No worries. Simply hide in the coffin and enjoy your time with friends. No more body shaming!
  • All the ladies out there know the awkward moment when they need to change form the wet swimming suit to dry clothes. No more hiding underneath the towels worrying something might slip out. just hide in the coffin!

Do you get it now? This coffin is your summer must-have!

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