MIBO Express

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Not small, not big. Express is universal kickscooter. Great for using child seat. Read more

Manufacturer: MIBO

470 € incl. VAT

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Fast, safe and stable kick scooter! Riding this scooter is just a wonderfull experience. Because of the great Novatec hubs this scooter rides just very smooth and comfortable. Enjoy the ride!

This scooter is manufactured and handmade in small quantities in the Czech Republic.

Technical data

  • Frame: Steel frame
  • Weight: 10,4 kg
  • Overall length scooter: 160 cm
  • Rims: double wall rims front and rear 20", 32 spokes
  • Hubs: Novatec
  • Brakes: Shimano 4000
  • Handlebar: ZOOM with stem /ahead
  • Tires: Road Cruiser tires 20x1,75 and 20x1,75
  • Ground clearance: 70 - 45 mm
  • Lenght footboard: 410 mm
  • Kickstand: yes, integrated kickstand
  • Bell: yes
  • Weight limit of kicker: 150 kg

We will gladly send any Kostka or MIBO scooter worldwide.
You will love our Czech kickbike scooters ;-)

By use: For adults, Terrain
Wheel size: 20/20

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