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Manufacturer: Kostka

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  • 960 € incl. VAT

960 € incl. VAT

Forget about obstructing baggage hanging on the front fork of your footbike. Take what you need for your trip with you and enjoy comfortable ride with no restriction at the same time!

KOSTKA Trip Footbike is based on the STAR model line. It offers the components you are accustomed to in this model line - Hybrid KOSTKA hubs, Shimano XT brakes. But Limited edition Footbike KOSTKA Trip offers something more, and that is the additional accessories included. The accessories form a sophisticated system of interconnecting bags, which you can use independently in the style of bikepacking, or footbikepacking if you want. It is a modern style of hard traveling, in which the carriers are used minimaly or not at all. All the accessories are attached directly onto the footbike, so you can easily choose the bags you need for your trip a take them with you.

Limited edition Footbike KOSTKA Tripframe and front fork is painted in matte black color. Accessories and some other components are empovering the elegance of the footbike with its shiny red color.

Leather grips with foam sole are another piece of superior equipment. Those grips are further enhanced with horns, which are in the same leather design with soft base. These horns provide more comfortable stance during any ride. Also the ability to change the the hand position provides some possibility to rest your hands.

What about the wheels? Hybrid KOSTKA hubs with half-ceramic bearings (ceramic balls, steel housing) HC 6803 2RS from the NTN Baerings company are straight threaded on attenuated spikes from Sapim company. And the double chamber rims worn Schwalbe KOJAK. This all together gives the best presumptin for low rolling ressistance.

Expedition set is composed of practical fender and sophisticated system of following bags, which you can use separately. Get yourself those carrying bags, pack all your things and get ready to travel!

By use: For adults, City
Wheel size: 26/20

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