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Folding Kick Scooter KOSTKA RUBIK 4

Folding Kick Scooter KOSTKA RUBIK 4

Folding scooter truly unique

  • Price: 555 € incl. VAT

Availability: 3 days

Get on the road and the daily movement in the downtown, whatever...enjoy modern and elegant folding scooter RUBIK! The reason for the acquisition folding scooters are not only frequent public transport. Often it is just a common need to solve the problematic compactness of what we have normally at home. This is a problem faced mostly residents of large modern metropolis.

For daily movement of the city modern and elegant folding scooter RUBIK! Dismantling takes half a minute, including storage into the transport bag. In folded state does not take more than 90 x 60 x 25 cm (in the case of using the system BRAKE OFF), and is therefore suitable for transportation by public transport. KOSTKA RUBIK 4 is the folding scooter truly unique. With its 8.2 kg weight among the lightest on the market. Low weight, easy and quick compactness makes Rubik intractable city helper for every day.

During a traffic jams and crowded city traffic RUBIK behaves unexpectedly confidently. But even in classical riding characteristics RUBIK certainly lag and easily surprise and scooters designed for tourism and sport. Comfort, high quality workmanship and design are perfect for scooters KOSTKA RUBIK is not usual and in this respect no exception.

By use: For adults, For kids, Folding, City
Wheel size: 16/16

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