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Manufacturer: Kostka

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  • 917 € incl. VAT

917 € incl. VAT

Kick Scooter KOSTKA TWENTY PRO is a sport scooter with modern and stylish design for demanding clients through all the age categories. Our technology and workmanship enabled us to focus on design and elegance of all, even the smallest details. Top drive abilities are also able to provide the best ride experience even in extreme conditions.

Kick scooter KOSTKA TWENTY PRO is suitable for long or short trips on paved or unpaved roads. Thanks to its flexibility, the kick scooter will easily handle gentle terrain, it is therefore not necessary to ride only on paved trails. Akso, the kick scooter can handle even gravel or unpaved forest roads. Due to its smaller size, TWENTY PRO is familiar with movement in crowded city traffic.

KOSTKA TWENTY PRO safety is provided by high quality hydraulic disc brakes Shimano Deore. Especially developed dual-chamber rims are more impact resistant, more durable and longlasting.

High quality Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tires are chosen regarding to the drive character and surface of the roads.

By use: For adults, For kids, Terrain, City
Wheel size: 20/20

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