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Sled Dogs HALDEN

Sled Dogs HALDEN

All-round practicality and performance

  • Price: 266,64 € incl. VAT

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The Halden, named after one of Norway's friendliest dog-breeds, is our friendliest and most practical model and is perfect for beginners and casual users.

Plastic buckles
35 mm powerstrap for added control
Grab loop for easy tongue adjustment
more size options*

A very good pair of dogs and our most affordable model.
Don't let the price fool you – this is our trusty Norwegian original and they also look great with the black and white colour contrast. As with all Sled Dogs breeds the Halden comes with bases with steel edges for great bite on the slopes.
*The dynamic thermal liner features a flexible toe section which stretches to accommodate foot size variations and the natural swelling of feet during prolonged activity.
This is a breed that can be used by both men and women.
The Halden is available in size XS – L / 2,5 – 12,5 Unisex / 35 – 47 EURO / 210 MM – 310 MM.

how much are your M...

how much are your Malden skates in US dollars and what would be my size skate if I wear a size 12?
Reply 22.11.2017 21:03:45

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