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With only 6,9 kg the lightest electric scooter of the world! Read more

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Light... lighter... Carbon!
You are searching an exclusive luxury and an absolute high class escooter then your search has definitely found your end! We have driven this model to the extreme. Only high end materials are used. Besides T6061 aluminum we are using finest carbon fiber in highest grade available on the market – just the best is good enough. The result - by date the lightest escooter in the world with incredible 6.9 kg! The whole scooter crafted in a high-quality design of high gloss painted carbon fiber parts and CNC milled aluminum parts. That's right - we are talking about real carbon fiber not just carbon design.
The new flagship of our lightweight scooter series is designed for flat surfaces such as City centers, railway stations, airports, exhibition center, etc. - due to its design its not suitable for any off-road terrain away from flat paths, roads and surfaces.
The control of the SXT carbon via a thumb throttle is mounted centrally on the handlebars. Directly above is the LCD multifunction display that informs about the charge status of the batteries, speed, distance traveled and many other real-time data. Furthermore, on this display the wanted speed levels can be selected and set. There is the choice between 6 km / h 16 km / h and 25 km / h. 
Left from the thumb throttle is the EMBS - the Electromagnetic Brake System which together with the KERS recovers the braking energy of up to 15-25% and then feeds it back into the battery so that no energy is unnecessarily lost. In addition to the electromagnetic brake on the front wheel the SXT carbon electric scooter is also equipped with a well-known foot brake at the rear wheel. Samsung inside! The built-in Li-Ion battery consists of original Samsung Longlife cell type 18650 and provides a total capacity of 10.4 Ah (250 Wh) at 24V. This helps the small power package for a total range of up to 32 kilometers (depending on driving style, terrain, battery charge, temperature, etc.).
Thanks to the 360 ​​° FREESPIN steering system of the entire handlebar which can be turned without a stop at 360 °, which manifests itself in an extremely maneuverable vehicle with a very small turning circle. This is very helpful especially when space is excessively restricted. SXT carbon is touching the ground with its two almost unbreakable 5 inch rubber wheels mounted on aluminum lightweight rim at the rear and on the front on the hub motor.
The ultra-high-torque brushless hub motor has a permanent power of 350 W and a max. motor power of 500 W - enough to accelerate this electrical scooter to impressive speeds. The engine consists of 38 SH permanent Rare Earth magnets, imported from Japan silicon steel sheet and quality NSK bearings to ensure a long life and smooth running.
In order not to stand even at dusk or at night in the dark, we have equipped the SXT carbon with a Super Bright High Power LED light bar which gives the new runabout a distinctive look. The LED strip has a consumption of only 1.5 W and a working time of 125 hours.

The high power LED front light can be easily turned ON or OFF by the button right over the light bar. For example if you want to save some energy although our light has a very low enery consumption, or if you simply dont need it.

At the moment this kind of high power LED lights are the lightest LEDs available on the market.

Overview technical data and features:

Weight (incl. battery)   6,9 kg
Battery type   Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) 24V  250 Wh (10,4 Ah) - Samung Cells Typ 18650
Charging time   approx. 3 h (with 2A charger included)
Operating costs per 1.000 km   unbelievable 1,50 EUR
max. speed   up to 25 km/h (can be limited on LCD to 6 km/h and / or 16 km/h)
KERS Technology   yes (Kinectic Energy Recovering System - known from Formula 1)
Control   thumb gas & thumb brake
Kick-Start function   yes
Power   constant 350 Watt / 500 Watt max.
Controller   Sine Wave Controller
Climbing slope   up to 25°
Motor type   brushless DC hub motor with Rare Earth Magnets
Range   up to 32 km (depending on terrain, driving style, charging status, teperature, etc.)
max. Payload   max. 125 kg
Material   Carbonfibre / Aluminum
Light   High Power LED at front side (power consumption of 1,5 W only)
Brake light   no
Power transmission   high torque hub-motor
Brakes   Dual Brake System (electro-magnetic front, footbrake rear)
Length, width, height (folded)   100 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm
Length, width, height (unfolded)   100 cm x 20 cm x 91 cm
Tires   5 inch maintenance free rubber tires
EU - street legal   no

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